Introduction of The Seventh Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU)

The Seventh Affiliated Hospital of SYSU ( has been constructed under the “Sanming Project” of Shenzhen Government as a major project to improve patient outcome. The Hospital will become the largest hospital in the Shenzhen area, providing a suite of the most comprehensive clinical specialties, the high patient flow, the best advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, the highest talent pool and the best medical ethics.

The Hospital is funded by the Shenzhen government and is directly affiliated as well as operated by SYSU. The Hospital covers an area of 235,000 square metres and will have a capacity of 4,000 hospital beds. The first phase of construction started with 800 beds and opened for admissions in 2018; and the second phase of construction will start soon and be completed and operational in 2020.

As a part of the medical discipline of SYSU, which has a 100-year cultural heritage, the Seventh Hospital of SYSU aims to expand into a modern, large-scale, comprehensive hospital integrating medicine, teaching, scientific research, disaster emergency, protection and rehabilitation within a 5-10 year timeframe. It will become not only the regional medical and health center, the Public Health and Disaster Treatment Center of Shenzhen, but also a Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Center at national level.

The Hospital will also have a strong emphasis and commitment towards biomedical research seeking to attract renowned research teams domestically and internationally, to create an independent research center. The first phase of construction has built a 1,300 square meters research center, and the second phase will construct a 100 thousand square meters research building.

The Hospital will manage clinic services separately from scientific research. The clinical physicians of the hospital will focus on providing healthcare and improving skills through practice medicine, while scientific questions raised during clinical practice will be thoroughly investigated by research teams to find innovative and practical solutions. The Seventh Affiliated Hospital will build a translational platform to promote the transformation of scientific discoveries to clinic practice synergistically.